06 August, 2009

White Radish Soup

White radish is a healthy obesity diet food,which has the function of clearing heat, detoxification, strengthening stomach, reducing phlegm, relieving a cough,smoothing Chi,defecation, creating saliva, anti-thirst,etc..Clinical observation show, eating white radish regularly can prevent subcutaneous fat accumulation, remove fat, soften blood vessel and keeping defecation.

I hope this soup will help me detox, strengthen my stomach and also remove fat :)

  • 1 small White Radish ( Cut into small pcs )
  • 10 Red dates
  • Dried anchovy or dried cuttlefish or dried oyster ( use only one or two type )
  • Salt ( add to taste )
  • Pork ribs ( cut into pcs )

Prepare all ingredients for use.

Put all ingredients into slow cooker or cooking pot.

I like to use my Cast Iron Pot instead of my slow cooker because I found the soup will taste better. Remember to add water when necessary if you are not using slow cooker to cook your soup.

For better tasting soup, slow cook for 6- 8 hours or over night.

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