03 August, 2009

Apple Tong Shui

Chinese Sweet Soups are not simply Chinese desserts. It's considered as a type of Chinese food therapy, nutrition therapy or "Shi Liao". It is particularly popular among Cantonese people who enjoy different types of sweet soups or "Tong Shui". I'm not Cantonese but I do like Tong Shui since I am a little gal.Sometimes I really need to check with my mom why Cantonese eating habit practice in my family :)
Here the simple Tong Shui recipe that I would like to share with you.

  • 10 - 15 Seedless Red dates
  • 10 pcs dried Logan ( as much & as less you want )
  • 1 big green apple ( you can replace with red apple )
  • Snow fungus ( I don't have stocks so didn't use )
  • Rock sugar ( as much & as less you want )

Clean all ingredients and put into the slow cooker.
Slow cook over night.

Ready to serve!

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