12 August, 2009

Black Canyon National Park, Colorado

9 August 2009

On our back to Colorado Springs from Telluride, we passed Black Canyon and we decided to pay a visit before continuing our journey back home.

The Black Canyon of the Gunnison's unique and spectacular landscape was formed slowly by the action of water and rocks scouring down through hard Proterozoic crystalline rock.No other canyon in North America combines the narrow opening, sheer walls, and starting depths offered by the black Canyon of the Gunnison.

Tomichi Point is our 1st top, I wonder how it got it's name, it sounded Japanese.

Gunnison Point

Painted Wall View

How tall do you think Empire State building is compare to the depth of Black Canyon?
The Empire State building is slightly above half if stack from the bottom.The Black Canyon at Painted Wall is 2300ft deep.

Sunset View, this is our favourite view. Well, the photos taken simply couldn't justify the beauty of this scenery.

Sunset View
Dragon Point, this trail is misleading in the map. The trail looks relatively long to other trails. At 1st we decided to skip it, but eventually found it's only 100 yards. So we went for it.

Dragon Point, this tree looks curvy and majestic

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