17 August, 2009

Las Vegas

27 November 2008 ( Back post )

Fooyoh! Finally we made a trip to Las Vegas during Thanks Giving holiday!! It's the place I've desire to visit when in US. If I didn't go Las Vegas, I'll feel that I haven't been to US.

SB, MJ, Steven and myself started our journey after work on Friday night and we wished to arrived Vegas early in the morning to enjoy Tim Sum.
We did stop by in JJ, Denver for our dinner before continuing our journey.We had a great meal but I'm so careless that I left my mini new pouch in the restaurant.The worst thing was I only realized it after 2 hours drive from Denver!! I must thanks to MJ who kept calling the restaurant to ensure the safety of my bag because my ID, Credit Card and cash were inside the bag! Also thanks to Kok Pin who drove for 2 hours ( round trip) in the midnight just to get back my bag. Really appreciate their help as well the restaurant "Tau Ke" who keep my bag safety.
This trip is kind of adventure because I travel so far without any ID :)

Las Vegas is a vibrant city during the day and night. It's got amazing buildings along the strip. From Piramids to Eiffel Tower. There are many people walking about making the ambience very lively.
The Statue of Liberty at New York New York. This is the hotel we stayed.

Statue of Liberty with Excalibur hotel at the middle. Behind there is a ray shooting up. It's from Luxor.


Mini Italy :)

Bellagio Hotel

The arboretum in Bellagio. This indoor garden is very well kept and has nice trees and decorations.

The Eiffel Tower

The Venetian. Inside and outside the Venetian, there's even a gondola ride.


Las Vegas Premium Outlets. We went shopping in the Thanks Giving morning.

Hoover Dam. A scene of the movie Transformer was film here.

Overall, we enjoyed the trip and I love the live shows in Vegas very much especially Cirque Du Soleil. A must see if you're in Las Vegas!

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