20 May, 2009

United State Air Force Academy

The US Air Force Academy is nearby our house, it's just 10 minutes drive. However, I didn't visit it until recently!

I think it's just human nature whereby people never learn to appreciate what they have in their nearby surrounding :)

Here are the some information for those would like to know more about this academy.

United States Air Force Academy, home of the elite and birthplace of leaders. Since opening its doors in 1954, the goal of this four-year institution is to produce officers who have the knowledge, character and motivation essential to leadership, pride in all they do and, above all else, commitment to their careers in the Air Force.

The Air Force Academy Mission:-
To educate, train and inspire men and women to become officers of character, motivated to lead the United States Air Force in service to our nation.

Cadet Faculty
The Academy is an active military training facility. We're unable to enter in this restricted area :( Public can only access certain areas.

Cadet Chapel
I love this Chapel! This Cadet Chapel took 5 years to design and an additional 4 years to build. Construction begin in 1959 and was completed in 1963 at a cost of $ 3.5 million. This cost was only for the framework alone. All furnishings within the Chapel were financed by members of the Air Force or by private donation.
Mission of Chapel:
To inspire men and women to become leaders of character by providing spiritual care and facilitating the free exercise of religion.

The first Chapel I visited at ground floor is for Catholics. I was really impress by the altar.
The altar, made of white Italian marble, was the gift if the late Francis Cardinal Spell man. Cardinal Spell men dedicated this Chapel and celebrated the first mass in September 22,1963. The Crucifix is six feet tall and is made out of nickel silver.

The Buddhist Chapel
Nice setting even just a small room. It's a peaceful place for cadets to meditate.

Jewish Chapel
This Chapel is really nice with the colourful glass and lighting.

The Holy Ark is the heart of the Jewish Chapel and shelters the Torah. The circles on the front of the Holy Ark depict the 10 Commandments in Hebrew. The Torah is the first 5 books of Moses; it is written in Hebrew on ramskin parchment with a quill pen.

Outside the Buddhist Chapel and Jewish Chapel(same hall), you can find this stained glass.There are 24 shades in total arranged from dark colors in the rear to light in the front. There are 24,000 pieces;35% of them were chipped to create a jewel-like quality.

We went to 2nd floor of the Chapel and found Protestant Chapel.
I was impressed with the nice V shape ceiling and blue lighting.

Don't you think it's nice?

You can find this 4,334 Chapel pipes organ in The Protestant Chapel. The largest is 32 feet high and is located in the upper left corner; the smallest is the size of a ballpoint pen and is in the center of the organ. On Easter Sunday in 1959, all Air Force Protestant chaplains around the world took up a collection to purchase the $ 122,000 organ.
After visiting the Chapel, we dropped by the visitor center and took some photos.

Visitor or family members are not allow to visit the cadet room. Therefore, public can view the miniature model of their room in the visitor center.
End of the day!

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