29 May, 2009

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

May 24, 2009

Rocky Mountain, here we come!
Before entering the park, we stopped to have our lunch at a small town. Along the way, Jack was mentioning he wanted to try the Elk Burger. Yes! Burger made from Elk meat! The restaurant has that in their menu!
The Other Side Restaurant : Jack & SB have their Elk Burger, Soni with her Turkey Burger and Chicken Hot Wings for me.

Photo session at the main entrance

1st suprised we got! A group of Elk at the roadside

Nice animal, I think it's a deer...what do you think?

Nice long stream in the park

Nice mountain view and flowers

A good place for camping and there are 5 camp group around the park

Also a nice place for family get away from city

A loving couple enjoy walking along the stream

Ha! I managed to catch his picture eventhough it tried hard to hide from me :)

What's Jack thinking at this moment?

People ready with their camera to photo shoot a group at Elk across the stream

Whole big group of Elk " lepaking " around

Another Elk we saw along the roadside to Sprague Lake

Sprague Lake

Soni at Prague Lake side

Nice bird with great sound but I couldn't remember the name. Only Jack know!

Bear Lake but didn't see any bear :(

Jack & Soni at Bear Lake
SB saw bear in this area for his 1st trip to Rocky Mountain. I'm trying hard to search but still failed to see one. I give up!
Bye bye! Rocky Mountain, I think this should be our last trip go into the park.

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