05 May, 2009

Grocery In Colorado Springs.

When I'm just arrived Colorado Springs, I notice people surrounding me including SB were so funny! They go to different stores to do their grocery because each store have better pricing on certain items.

For example, eggs or fresh milk may have differences of few cents in different stores and they claim that can save some money every week.

Do you do that when you shop in Malaysia? Frankly, I don't! I always grab my stuff where it's convenient to me. I didn't find the price difference significant.

But now, I'm one of them! The Asian Pacific Market is the furthest and the rest are along the way. So might as well shop other place for better prices along the way. It's like a shopping adventure.

Asian Pacific Market:
This is a biggest Asian Market in Colorado Springs and you can find most of the Asian stuff here. Example, you can find frozen cockles, "durian", pandan leave, banana leave & etc.
I usually get Chinese vegetables, tofu, garlic and ginger from this store. Most importantly I can get 'Lee Kum Kee' brand sauce here. Sorry to say that I don't try sauces made from China.
Walmart :

Usually will get some frozen salmon, tilapia fish, eggs and fresh fruits from this stores.http://www.walmart.com/

Kings Sooper:-
My favorite store because it's nearby our place. I usually come here when I feel bored :) I have a membership for this store. For every USD100 spent in a month, members get 10 cents discount for petrol. Even without the 100 point, members get to enjoy 0.03 cents discount for petrol on certain gas stations. Good deal right? Ha!ha!
I usually get my baking ingredients ,juices, bread, milk and sometimes 'Ah Mor' vegetables from Kings Sooper.Recently, I bought a lot of nail polish items due to the great prices.

Thanks! Giving such a good and nice environment place for me spending my times. Love you much!Muak!Muak!http://www.kingsoopers.com/Pages/default.aspx

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