12 May, 2009

Removing My Wisdom Teeth Soon :(

I hate to go to the Dentist!! For the past 32 years, I never seriously visit any dentist. I removed all teeth by myself since primary school. I only visit the dentist to make use of company dental benefit, by going for normal cleaning and purchase dental products.

My teeth felt painful recently and can hardly eat. SB convinced me to see the dentist and I decided to do so because I trust SB. SB removed 4 wisdom tooth 2 years ago and he mention he didn't experience any pain during and after the operation. He highlighted to me many times that Dentist in US are very professional.

We went to the dentist yesterday and now I know what he meant by " Professional". I was really impress by their services and seriousness in checking a patient's teeth. To start with, I needed to sign a few pages of documents to clarify my medical history. If not mistaken, we don't do that in Malaysia unless, it's a serious operation, right? My previous dentist never ask me anything before clean my teeth.

After signing all documents, the assistant did an X-Ray for me and finally met a friendly Filipino dentist.

Oh my god! She told me I need to do operation to take out 4 wisdom teeth in one time! What should I do? She said no more space for these 4 teeth and I need to remove it because that's the main reason of my toothache.

Not only that!

I need to do my deep cleaning and filling on this Wednesday before go for operation!

What should I do? What should I do? My teeth still felt pain now and I need to think positive!

I wished SB is right and not cheating on me!No pain at all!

Can diet after operation!

Good deal??

Remarks: Professional services shown in the bill :) Guess how much?


Anonymous said...
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juruteknik said...

i was thinking, if u felt pain after removed your teeth, will u hit SB becoz he told u wont get any pain ? he he~

anyway, 忍一时之痛,以后就会天天有好日子过。。cheerr....