30 May, 2009

PF Chang's China Bistro, Loveland

May 24, 2009

We had our dinner at Loveland tonight.

I have been wanting to go PF Chang's ever since I saw this restaurant in Denver but never went for a visit because Soo Beng and some friends keep telling me that PF Chang's not a good place for authentic Chinese food.

Thanks Jack for recommend this restaurant so that I got the chance to experience it 1st hand.

I was attracted by their very upscale building looks. I expect the restaurant to have a fine dining atmosphere and serving good foods.

You can see this horse sculpture in all PF Chang's outlet

A Terra cotta army sculpture inside the restaurant

The restaurant itself was crowded and noisy. A bit disappointed because it's not what I had expected originally !

Initially I'm so excited because we found Plum Wine in their beverage list. Before making the order, I confirmed with the waitress to make sure it's Japanese Plum Wine.

When the drink came. Oh my gosh! They put a cherry inside the wine instead of a plum! This is not my Plum Wine! It taste like cherry!

I felt cheated!!

Nice sauces display for our foods. But it doesn't look like our usual Chinese sauce so I didn't try, especially the chili sauce

Later we got our food but they mixed up Jack's dish, instead of Mapo Tofu, we got some beef dish.Feel sorry for Jack as he needed to wait for them to change his dish.
Overall, the food taste average but found it's not authentic chinese food.

PF Chang's is a fancy 'looking' and americanized chinese food.

Talking about authentic chinese food. We have 2 restaurants to recommend. One is in Denver and the other is at Colorado Springs.

Check it out!

JJ Chinese Restaurant
2500 W Alameda Ave
Denver, CO 80219
(303) 934-8888

Lucky Dragon Chinese Restaurant
402 W Fillmore St
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
(719) 635-0112‎

Let me know your comments if you visited one of them.


Gaik Ling said...

wow, restaurant open by my husband : JJ restaurant :)

不一样的天空 said...

Hey!JJ actually is kaya lie!U better check on him coz here many restaurant using his name :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

We loved JJ, as you know you saw us there. But hor, JJ is getting expensive, rice they also want to charge $$ these days. So, we switched to Super Star and the restaurant opposite Pacific Ocean (cannot recall the name at the moment), the dinner also pretty good and authentic.

Never tried Lucky Dragon, believe it or not have been here 10 years already. Since you recommended it, now we will have to go try the food there. :)