19 May, 2009

The Surprise Lunch

Last weekend, SB decided to surprise me for a fancy lunch. You see there are many types of 'fancy' restaurants when I meant fancy.

Restaurant in a Ship 

Restaurant in Train Station

Restaurant under the sea

Car Restaurant

Restaurant in toilet. 
You can guess how the food looks like.

He decided to bring me to a restaurant in an airplane! 
The KC 97 Airplane 

KC-97 was built in 1953 and rich in history. This magnificent airplane refueled aircrafts throughout the world. Then, in May 2002, it began its second mission~ to be the preeminent aviation restaurant in the United States.
You can find over 100's pictures, memorabilia and rare artifacts in this restaurant.
Forty-two passengers can actually eat in this restaurant with romantic lighting and nice deco but SB & I chose to seat in the plane for our lunch.

The staircase to the plane :)

Here we are!

WoHoo! We are served by the pilots!

Our " newspaper " menu .

SB ordered this Grilled Honey BBQ Salmon...

My Teriyaki Burger ...

Photo session before starting our lunch :)

While we are happily eating, there children are piloting our plane... God knows where we're gonna landing

We both had a great experienced eating in this restaurant but the food is so so only.

For 'higher' eating experience, the restaurant below looks exciting.

Just don't drop a fork(or anything).

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