30 May, 2009

Denver, Capital City Of Colorado

May 25,2009

After our Dim Sum breakfast in Denver, we drove Soni and Jack around Denver city.
Denver is one of the few cities in history that was not built on a road, railroad, lake, navigable river or body of water when it was founded. It just happened to be where the first few flakes of gold were found in 1858. It will be celebrating it's 150 years anniversary in this coming September 2009.
Denver also called the Mile High City because it located at the exact elevation of 5,280 feet above sea level. Therefore, Denver is one of the best sports towns in United State. Athlete who trained here will have more benefits due to the high altitude.

Nice buildings around the town

Driving ahead to the centre of the town

Colorado State Capitol

Soldier sculpture around the park near State Capitol

16th Street Mall, most famous street in Denver

Pedestrian friendly area.

Hard Rock Cafe at 16th street mall
Chocolate Factory selling these yummy and colorful Apple.
Even though I desire for it but I never dare get one for myself because I worry I will get addicted to it and become GEMUK! FAT! TUA PUI POH!
Coincidentally there is an arts exhibition around 16th Street Mall. I think Jack and Soni came at the right time!
It's a rainy day but yet it's crowded with people

Jack and Soni looking at the handmade jewelry

This is my favorite booth, if I got $$$ sure will grab some drawing back home

Another cute art sculpture that I like

Group picture before departing to airport.

We did many stuffs in this 3 day trip together with Jack and Soni.Tiring but fun and memorable trip with old friends.
Wish to see you two soon, maybe in Malaysia?

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