28 May, 2009

Manitou Springs,Colorado

May 23, 2009
Manitou Springs is a hidden town between Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak. It's about 10 minutes from our place."Manitou," a Native American word for "spirit," describes this beautiful mountain community. Nine named mineral springs throughout town are fed by the snows of Pikes Peak. Long before white men traveled here, the Ute, Cheyenne and many other natives considered this area sacred.

Historic buildings in this town


It's a good place to find souvenir for your love ones. There are many jewelry shop, antique shop, apparel shop, gift shop & arts galleries around the area

Soo Beng's favorite brand

Manitou Springs has a wide selection of quality accommodations. Lodging can be found in an historic hotel, many unique Victorian bed & breakfasts, classic and cozy unique motels, quality motor inns, top quality chains, cabins by Fountain Creek or nestled away off the beaten path, and secluded wooded campgrounds

One of my favorites : Cliff House Inn & Restaurant

Many restaurants in town

We had our lunch at Charlie's Pit Bar-B-Que. It was crowded with customers. I found the food average.

Jack hunting for ice-cream

This is my favorites ice-cream shop. The ice-cream are home made and fresh. I rate this shop 10/10 and the best in Colorado Springs :)

They even sell fresh chocolate! I always look at these chocolate every time I visit this shop but not dare to get one because I worry I will get addicted to it :(

If you pass by Colorado Springs, do remember to stop by Manitou Springs ya!
Our next stop is Old Colorado City.


juruteknik said...

thanks for the sharing, treasuring your life in the spring, i m sure u will over miss the colorado after u back to Malaysia..:)
looking fwd to your next post of old Colorado city..meow meow...

不一样的天空 said...

Meow Moew Naruto,I start missing Colorado very much even I'm still here.That's the reason I keep writing blog for future reference :)