29 May, 2009

Black Hawk, Colorado

May 24,2009

Today ,we plan to bring our guest to Rocky Mountain. We choose to use the scenic road so that our friends are able to see more scenery along the way.

Breakfast at Einstein Bros' Bagels near our place

Nice little houses we saw at a small town along our way

Great mountain view

Reached Black Hawk after 1 hours drive from Denver
Black Hawk, " The City Of Mills" is one of Colorado's oldest cities.

But now it's the largest gambling town in Colorado.

So if you want throngs of crazy gamblers, lots of traffic, slots, poker and blackjack gambling frenzies, you've definitely found it in Black Hawk.

Whole street are casinos

Old Train in Black Hawk

Red Indian Sculpture

Nice sculpture but I'm not sure what does this sculpture means. Do tell me if you know

Soo Beng, Soni and Jack

Nice old building which are converted to casinos


After Black Hawk, another stop is Saint Malo Chapel. Saint Malo Chapel is very near to Rocky Mountain, possibly another half hour before reaching Rocky Mountain.

Saint Malo Chapel entrance

Jesus sculpture on the mountain

This is the chapel

Nice view of the Chapel

Jack is enjoying himself beside the pond

Soni and Soo Beng not forgetting to take photo

Me too!
If you're using the interstate to drive to Rocky Mountain, there isn't as much scenery to watch. If you wish to visit all these great places I recommend driving the scenic route off I-70 (US6 -> US119 -> US72 -> US7), but remember not to speed because Sheriffs are every where!


juruteknik said...

if i were there too, i will take lot of photos u with Soo Beng..:)

不一样的天空 said...

Thanks!I wished you r here!I know u r good in this :)