27 May, 2009

Garden Of The Gods

May 23, 2009

Before going for breakfast, we got a surprise wedding/thank you gift from Jack & Soni. I was looking for a cast iron cookware for sometime now and we finally got it! (Seems like Jack & Soni read my mind ). Thank you! We appreciate it very much!

My breakfast at Garden Of The Gods Visitor Centre. Simple and taste good. We got a with good view of garden of the Gods. Sure will come again!

Photo taken from my breakfast table.

The Garden of the Gods Park, is a Registered National Natural Landmark in Colorado Springs.
We only need less then 5 minutes to get here as we stay nearby the park.

1st stop at Garden Of The Gods. Our good friend, Jack and Soni from New Jersey.

Soni and me.

Kissing Camel.

Another spot offroad before entering Balance Rock.

Balance Rock.

Cafe in Trading Post

Souveniers in Trading Post

You can find a variety of Arts and hand made souveniers in this corner

Jack and Soni busying choosing some souvenier

Cheers! My turn to pose :)
Our next spot is Manitou Springs

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