15 May, 2009

Colorado's Largest Antique Mall

I'm Chinese but somehow I love English Cottage furniture and home deco. Why? Frankly, I myself do not know why.

For the pass few months, I've been trying hard to search online for Cottage old furniture and also China Bone Tea cups & saucepans. I found many but they are pricey especially solid wood furniture and imported English tea cup.

I tried my luck at one of the largest antique mall in Colorado. It's called the American Classics Marketplace.

American Classics Marketplace is located at Academy Blvd and according to the organizer, we can find over 400 dealers in this mall and all pricing are made up by the dealers themself.

Hooray! I'm able to get good bargains from this mall :) I'll bring you around the mall with me ya!

These few area are selling old books, drawings, glassware, jewelry and handmade Crafts. They even have photo autograph of Michael Jackson for $200, and of other famous celebrities.

Some old antiques which you can find in this mall. The sewing machine reminds me of my grandmother :( Can you guess what the other items are?

China Bone teacups & saucepans! I found it!

Opps! The price is not cheap D :(
I must do some surveying around before buying tea cups for myself...

( Normally quality teacups are imported from England and you can see the difference in terms of the design, colours as well the weight of the cups )

Cottage style furniture! I love this booth very much because they have furniture that I like, especially the red kitchen cabinet and red table. Not forgetting the two red frame drawing of chicken...
But then..so expensive! I'm so disappointed!

But, at least I took pictures of myself here :) Ha!Ha!

The few booths that I love, displays cute home deco as well cute handmade dolls.
Booth selling antique furniture. How much do you think this chair cost ?
I can't afford to buy it but at least I got a chance to sit on it..kekeke..

The mall is so big that SB & I spend the whole afternoon here.

Guess what I got?











Wooden Rocking Chair!

This is my 1st antique furniture and I love the outlook, so the lady!!

Few china bone teacups and saucepan as well the lace table cloth.

After this trip, I was pumped up to visit some nearby smaller antique shop but they are not as great as American Classics Marketplace in terms of variety and pricing.

I plan to visit another big scale antique mall in Denver this Saturday! I will continue my hunt for the teacups and furniture :)
Wish me luck!


antique said...

The rocking chair you show is the same as one I have from my Great Grandfather.
Can you tell me anything about it.
Its age, who built it, what you paid for it?

pan said...

Have you tried Brass Armadillo?
I enjoy there.

不一样的天空 said...

Hi antique,actually the chair I bought around USD30+ and I love it very much!The quality is super!Great to know that you have one as well.

不一样的天空 said...

Hi Pan, yup.I addicted to vist all antique mall when I'm still at C-Spring. I went to B.Armadillo as well and spend my whole afternoon there :) Is a real good memory for my stay in State.