05 May, 2009

The Donut Mill, Woodland Park, Colorado

The Donut Mill

In Colorado Springs or even US, there are many store or place that sells donut but trust me, either the donuts are too sweet or the donuts are not fresh.

However, we are lucky, we found a place called The Donut Mill. This is the one and only shop that comes to mind when the word 'donut' pops up. This cute little blue donut house is located at Woodlands which is around 20-22 miles away from our place.

OMG! Fresh Donuts!

The donuts are made fresh daily and are simply delicious! If you would like to try, do come before 10am, after 10 they stop making donuts and there are little variety left. Once we reached at 10.30am and couldn't even get a donut! How dissapointing!

If you happen to be around the area(Woodlands), I highly recommend this place for breakfast. It's located in a nice town too. You'll love it.

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Gaik Ling said...

wow, I like donut too. Just tried the Krispy Kreme at time square KL.
But it is very fatty lor :)