05 May, 2009

New Shoes Ready for Springs!

Hooray! Springs and Summer is coming! As usual, I love to buy shoes and here are my new shoes :)

Boot from Kohls...

Nike shoe for jalan jalan ...

Nike shoes for excercise...
oops! I seldom excercise. Just in case nia.
Sandal from Target...love the yellow colour!
Sandal from Target.
Love this pink flower...imagine with colourful manicure..

Sandal from Aldo...I think it's 1 size bigger but what to do, I love PINK!

Two new sandals from Malaysia and now is time to wear!

I think I will still keep hunting for shoes :)

Non of the women will said ENOUGHT for shoes and bags, right?? What do you think?


Gaik Ling said...

wah lau eh, this is too much...i can imagine your shipment's size when i back to Malaysia, hahah...
eh, i like that pink flower shoes very much, how much is it? Buy one for me can ar? I am zie 7 when i buy shoes in Malaysia :)

不一样的天空 said...

Normally I wear 5 or 5 1/2 and this one i bought 6 so if you want should be size 7 1/2.It also have green colour and I also love it :) I forgot the price but I think is around USD20 and very comfortable one.Will buy for you if I go again.