10 May, 2009

1st Aniversary -23 March 2009

Time really fly. We have been married for a year now. How do I feel? I feel I have a wonderful married life and I'm very lucky to meet him last year. Thanks to my friend, Gaik Ling. All this wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for her CNY open house gathering. I guess I would still be hanging around KL with a bored single life style :)

Back to main topic ....How did we celebrate our 1st anniversary?

Get away from Colorado Springs for a trip?

Romantic dinner at a Western Restaurant?


Unfortunately, Mr Teh need to work :( However, we still managed to have lunch together at 1 of my favorite Vietnamese restaurant nearby. Even though this is not a romantic restaurant but I love this restaurant very much especially their Vietnamese Grill Chicken set lunch or dinner. They also have a house made chili paste which I couldn't find it in other place yet. Yummy yummy!

To be continue.....

I surprised my hubby with a candle light dinner!
I handmade this collage for him. Nice bor?
5 pcs Egyptian sculptures
I bought this cool gift online for SB. I knew he wanted this for sometime and decided to surprise him. He was estatic.
Card for him...

What I got from my lovely hubby? Woohoo!!Is a big big present!Really surprised he bought this for our Anniversary! Thanks!
For your information, I haven't use this bag even already 1 1/2 months I got it from SB. I felt "Sim Tia" la....so sayang this bag :)

Lovely card from him...

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