10 September, 2009

Annual Hot Air Balloon in Springs

Colorado Balloon Classic is an annual family event and held on each Labor Day weekend.Last year we didn't managed to attend this event because SB & I went to New York & New Jersey for holidays :) Therefore, we decided not to travel out from Springs and wish to witness this grand event as this was our last chance.

The event is held in Memorial Park off Pikes Peak Avenue . Mass ascensions with over 100 balloons are scheduled for Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings 7 am with a Balloon Glow scheduled for Saturday and Sunday evenings at 8pm.

SB & I woke up very early just to ensure we arrived the park before 6.30am so that we able to see how the balloon filled :)
The place was crowded. However the mass ascension was cancel that morning, but they filled up their balloons.
In the evening they have the balloon glow, we went on the second day, it was cancelled :(
Neverthelest we were happy to experience the atmosphere of many big balloons on the field.

The place was crowded with peoples even before sunrise.

Fillig up the energizer bunny balloon.

Noah's Ark balloon. This one is unique

Booth selling souviniers

View of energizer bunny balloon from bottom

Happening crowd in the morning.

Eat more chickin'

Colorful balloons

76 balloon, my year of birth :)

SB and me :)


Gaik Ling said...

The balloon got carry people one bor?

不一样的天空 said...

Yup.They did!But very expensive :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Nice! We missed it again because couldn't wake up so early. :P

m-online08 said...

good very good your blog


juruteknik said...

bo update liao....he he~ i guess u already forget this place ~

Anonymous said...
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