26 June, 2009

Another Tough Day

June, 25 is a memorable day for me as well Micheal Jackson's fans.

I woke up in the morning feeling very dizzy, and spinning, I was unable to control my balance, turning my head makes me dizzy. It's so serious that I could not even walk properly.

SB sent me to the clinic for treatment.I was impressed by their thorough level of checking for details. My urine and blood was taken for diagnostic, a lot a questions was asked, details from taken medicines to past surgeries.

I was given intravenous dripping of sodium chloride, but the nurse was having trouble finding my blood veins, he had to reattempt about 6 times, leaving needle marks on both my arms. It was a very painful experience.

I was later diagnosed with labyrinths. It happens when the labyrinth, a part of the inner ear that helps control your balance, gets swollen and inflamed.

We were there for around 3 hours, I was the only patient at the clinic at that time and was given full attention. The nurse was in and out of our room. At once point he came in and said, "Michael Jackson is dead, can you believe that, Michael Jackson dead", he mumble that a few times.

With the professional service given, we were slapped with a hefty bill. US health care is not cheap. We need to pay USD540 after 10% discount!!!
I was so "Sakit Hati" again because even I had my medical insurance but yet we still need to pay additional USD1K+ for my last dental fees.Can you imagine how much we paid for the medical bill? Unbelievable! I must not fall sick again!
So, if you stay in United State, you better have good insurance coverage or else please don't fall sick!!!


Gaik Ling said...

oh fren..both of us so kesian...u are not feeling well so do I. I admitted hospital on 29th June due to food poisoning. Discharge on 1st July and now rest at home. I didnt eat anything very special just normal char keoy teow and laksa for my lunch as do sometime i did...but it just happen? :(
I guess u had recovered and now in yellow stone d?

不一样的天空 said...

You better take good care as well the BB.I'm ok now and wishing able to sleep as normal time lor.