16 June, 2009

Great Meals in Chicago

Good trip must come with good foods :)

If you know me well, you will know that I love to eat! I think I was influenced by my dad since I'm a little gal. My dad always tell me that ability to eat is the treasure of life. He always bring our family for good food.
My dad was a good cook, better than mom ( Sorry mom)! When he cooked, we all must eat if not he will not be happy. I think that's the main reason I can't loose weight.
I would like to thank Eric, who recommended us good restaurants in Chinatown and I think their standard is much better then Denver or C-Springs Chinese restaurant.
Our 1st Chinese meal at China Kitchen at Cumberland for our late dinner

Joo Yee Restaurant near UIC Halsted, the place we stayed

Again Joo Yee Restaurant for another dinner. The food is good so we return again.

Tea break at one of the Hong Kong style bakery shop in China Town

Our favorites Chinese Restaurant in China Town : Ken Kee

Returned to Ken Kee for another dinner. They served great foods with reasonable price.

Another well known Restaurant in China Town : Lao Sze Chuan

They served good food but the portion is too big and we were unable to order more dishes. I think because of this, we felt the staff was not happy to serve us.
Frankly, maybe because they received so many award, this maybe why the price for all their dishes are more expensive. They even charged us for the rice and the Chinese tea which are usually free from other restaurants. The simple meal as shown above cost us USD30+ .
Therefore, we never return for next meal :)

Gino's East Pizzeria 
Long Q even during weekday! We waited for half an hour to get seated.

Another 45 minutes to get this pizza ready!

The waiting was worth it because the pizza was really good! It's the best pizza I ever had. I've started to miss it. Whoever going to Chicago, please take away some for me.
Besides, eating at all the restaurant for dinners, where we had our lunch then?
Because of the timing, most of our lunch were in the museum :)
Nice and good experienced for me because when we travelled to New York, we don't even have time to do that in museum.

Lunch at The Field Museum

Lunch at Shedd Aquarium

Lunch at Lincoln Park Zoo

We also had our lunch in The Museum of Science and Industry as well at Millennium Park for hot dog but because I was too hungry, I forget to take pictures :)

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