10 June, 2009

A postcard from Malaysia

Everyday when I am checking my mailbox, I always wish will have my mail. I guess maybe I'm too far from my friends & family. I miss them...

Today, I am so happy to receive another postcard from you! Thanks and it really cheer me up! Even just a small postcard, but it means a lots to me.

Don't know why, while reading the card, my tears came out...tears of sadness and happiness.

I felt sad when you wrote about yourself...

I felt happy and touched when you wrote about me...

I am so lucky to have you as my big brother who always care and concern about me.

I am really cherish our friendship, I really do!

I know you love your family!
I know you love your friends!
I know you love Naruto!
I also know you love your love one deep inside your heart!

But, what I wished to see from you ????

I wish you truely love yourself more then others!!

Can you do this for yourself and others people who love you?

( I am one of them )

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