22 June, 2009

Meeting New Friends In Boulder, Colorado

Last Saturday SB and I finally met up new friends in Boulder. We got to know them when we had our DimSum in Denver. Just a simple " HI" will bring you new friends, such a good deal,right? It was a really nice experience for me. Thanks Kirk for stopping us when we are going to leave the restaurant.Without your friendliness, we will never know each other until now.
I think this does not happen in Asia. Maybe we are too cautious for own good. But,sometimes opening up ourselves, opens up unknown opportunity.This is how I felt.

Our 1st trip to Boulder ( University Town ) was great! I love this small town! We drove for 1 1/2 hours to reach here. This small town is very well organized and located at a beautiful place surrounded by mountain.

We came at a right time because there is a flea market @ farmers market at the place we had our brunch appointment.

Farmers Market

Interior of the Teahouse

Our new friends from Denver, Pooi Ling and Kirk
Our Brunch
Pearl Street is a famous street in Boulder 
Musician are every where in this street

Street Show in Pearl Street


Our cute souvenir from Boulder,Colorado

Oh yes! Thanks Pooi Ling and Kirk for a nice brunch and glad to meet you two. Hope to see you in C-Springs soon!

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