01 June, 2012

Miyao-Toki ( Mikasa Tableware ) Warehouse sales!!!

I'm just back from Kulim with my eldest sister ,Janice. Both of us love English cottage style of table ware and we found this factory a few years back which introduced by a friend of hers. This factory called Miyao-Toki (M) Sdn Bhd and they are having a warehouse sales now!!!

As usual, we were a bit kiasu and went to the factory early in the morning. The factory canteen was crowded. You will not believed that actually majority of them bought a really big bags of dining ware. It's just like the 1st time I'm here and got myself few sets of pure white dinning table ware which I haven't use yet. I can't believed that  I'm still here again and it's just like an annual shopping event for both of us. 

However, I'm a bit disappointed this year because failed to get some of the table ware ( plate with some chicken painting on it ) which my sister bought 2 years back. But, to reimburse back myself, I got myself some items so that I will not empty hand back home....hahaha 

2 Cute Jars and spoon to store my cooking salt and sugar. A cute plate chosen by Giselle for herself :)

 Love this cup, so artistic...this should for mummy Amber 
 ....for daddy Gene

Oops!Just found that I didn't took Baby Giselle Cup...is a little cat with Paris scenery on it. Actually I got her a big Cat hugging the big Aiffel Tower but the staff packed the wrong item for me :( 

 2 big bowl for my hubby and myself 

3 small cottage plate for afternoon tea

If you are wishing to buy a really good quality of plate with very cheap price, do pay a visit. The sales should be on until this Sunday. Don't miss it ya. 

Miyao-Toki(M)Sdn Bhd
Lot 67 Kulim Industrial Estate 
09000 Kulim Kedah



Anonymous said...

akak tahu tak macam mana nak dapat mangkuk manhanttaner's yang gambar kucing biru putih tuh. urgent neh . tlg reply billaaishak@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

sis, do you now where n how i can buy the manhattaner's big bowl. the blue cat pattern. if yes, plez let me know..tq.

不一样的天空 said...

Hi dear, sorry for late reply. All these bowl normally export out to another country and I think you only can get it during their warehouse sales. I went for the past 2 years and still see it. Maybe you can try next year ya.

zaid said...

when next coming warehouse sales?

zaid said...
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Anonymous said...

hi? may i know these cute ware still available? thx^^