21 June, 2012

Giselle 1st Movie adventure in Cinema

It has been a long long time I never step into cinema since Giselle came into my family. I'm always wanted to go cinema for a movie especially with my husband after gave birth but we never tried. My husband too scared of unable to handle my little girl in the cinema. I think he is worry Giselle will act like other kids crying loudly or making noise in the cinema. 

I will felt mad most of the time when he told me the same word" she is too small" whenever I wanted to let my little girl try to do some big girl stuff. For example, I will let Giselle carry the shopping basket or shopping trolley whenever I go for grocery shopping. I will let her carry her own book after purchased from book store. I will also let her take my camera and figure out how to take photo or video with it. Surprisingly, she able to handle all these well. I'm so proud to proof to her daddy that he was wrong and under estimated his age 2 little girl :)

I felt is time for me to bring her to the cinema without her dad because I know things will not happen if waiting for her dad to accompany us :) I chosen Madagascar 3 for us because I think she should be able to enjoy this cartoon more compare to others. Due to weekday, the whole cinema only had 7 peoples including Giselle and myself :)

Everything turned out great and Giselle was really enjoyed this movie. She sat quietly for the whole show. I think the main reason she felt interested at this movie because she know the animals characters well. An only minus point for this adventure was Giselle is too skinny and light weight for the chair.I need to let her sat on my lap for the whole show.

However, I must thanks Giselle for her well behave and cooperation so that mummy can enjoyed the whole show. Because of her, finally I able to step  into the cinema again after long wait...

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