06 June, 2012

My 1st Tiamo

Tiamo....I came across this brand when I was visited The Garden, Mid Valley last year. This cute shop catches my eye with their really cute shop display and merchandised. However, I didn't get a pair for myself at that time because there was an video shooting and interview going on in the shop with the shop owner and I'm felt uncomfortable to stay longer :) 
However, glad to know that this shop opened in Queensbay, Penang. If you haven't notice about this brand, do believe me, this shop worth to visit, especially if you like flats over some other type of shoes. I love the concept of their design, it's more feminine and yet cute with vibrant colour. I got to know that the shoes actually designing by Korean designer, Jung Eun Ju, and fabricated in the same country.
Thanks to my hubby and Giselle because both of them were allowed me to do some shopping by my own. Tiamo was the 1st shop that I visited because of their 50% sales. I had tried some of my favourite designs but the shoes were not comfortable. I will said a bit hard. However, I did not gave up and finally I got myself 1st pair of Ballerina Flats.

The Tiamo Ballerina Flats has a woven fabric upper, leather inner and rubber out sole and it was so comfortable to wear. Which I love the most was the suede rose on the toe of the shoe with a silver ribbon stud. It was so lovely!

Few mores that I would love to buy but so sad that no more stocks for my size :(
 No more....
 No more for green, only left chocolate...

Only left kids.....
All shoes are pretty costly. However, I just spend RM70 for my shoes after 50%discount. I felt so happy with this good deal and yet it came with a nice shoe box with lovely pink ribbon. 

It was really a good start for my shopping spree. Because of my super duper good mood, I spend another RM450+ at Forever 21 and MNG :)

Tiamo, I love you! I will visit you soon for your new merchandise.


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Tiamo Shoes Story said...

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