30 May, 2012

1st Time....^^

All the 1st time in life for my Giselle since she was born. I compiling this just for her because I wish she will not follow her mother foot step forget all the childhood memories.

1st Hair Cut during full moon 

1st Beach Party at Joey Che Che Birthday

1st Holiday at Cameron Highland

1st Hari Raya short trip to Gunung Jerai, Kedah

1st Malaysia Day outing ...you can see you love cheesecake since very small :)

1st Swimming lesson conducted by Daddy at 1st Damai Laut Holiday. Daddy not a good coach either mummy :) 

 1st food...you doesn't like to eat this puree at all. Cried non stop and ate until sleep...but mummy realised that you wasn't really sleep. You just tried to escape. I think no one know you are so smart !!!

1st time played hide & seek with mummy

1st time addicted to mummy laptop. 

1st time able to brush your own teeth and you are only 5 months old. Smart girl!!!                                      
1st time you stuck at mummy hanging clothes rack.This was really worried your Ah Ma.  

 1st time climbed up Popo house main door gate
Same day, you climbed up Popo lazy chair...this was super dangerous

TV Rack start to be your playground...

 1st time realised that yourself able to walk up slowly Sandy Yiyi house staircase. 

I think by now you know how active yourself is and how tought mummy need to take good care of you? However, mummy & daddy always hope you will be continue maintain your natural born character which is an energetic, happy and cheerful person. We love you! 

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