15 June, 2012

32nd Renaissance Festival

Date: 15 April 2008 ( Back Post )

I having a bad memory now...a bit sad coz it was a symptom that I'm getting old. I felt is a need for me to write all stuffs in my blog, not for others but for myself to recall. I recall back this special event when I went through all my old photos in FB. It was a very special event called " Renaissance Festival" which you will not get to experience it else where but only at United State. Why so special? Because this festival recreates a 16th -century England ruled by King Henry VIII and Queen Ann. We were entered a totally different world and back to 16th-century :)

Warm welcoming by the villagers at the castle entrance

Royal Procession

Few Celtic Musician around the castle 

Met the maidens fairy

Another 2 Cute fairies

There were some classical creativity and craftsmanship of over 200 skilled artisans exhibiting in a wide variety of mediums including fine arts, glassblowing, pottery, jewelry, and more. I love most of them but a bit pricey me to get any of them :(

Outside food and drinks were not allowed for the event. All prepared in house. You can easily get anything to fill up your stomach, for example, turkey drumsticks, roaster corn, artichokes, beers and more...

My yummy orange ice shaving

Hey Nunnie Nunnie stage show

Live show :Battle of Knight

I did had a great day but not sure about SB and his colleague ...friendly reminder for those who plan to join this event in future, bring more additional money because I remembered most of the games needed to pay if you want to participate.

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