07 June, 2012

Lovely Gingersnaps

Maybe some of you know that I'm the owner of Little Spring Valley which is an online FB store solely selling children clothing. My business philosophy is to sell trendy and quality clothing to my end consumers with a reasonable price. As a mother of one little girl, I fully understand what's mummies wants for their little one.  
What's is my favorite brands? I will said Baby Zara and Baby GAP. However, they were no longer in my mind when I want to find some clothing for my little girl. 

My current 1st brand came into my mind is Gingersnaps! I spotted this outlet 1st at The Curve during my recent shopping trip to KL. I was attracted by their window display which successfully brought me into the shop. Well done for the merchandising team of Gingersnaps! Because of you, I got to know this brand and I truly love it!
Gingersnaps actually is a leading brand for children's and maternity wear in Philippines. As a loyal customer of the brand, Global Retail Network Sdn Bhd  executive director, Pang Shu Ming convinced her father Pang Kim Him, who is the company chairman to bring this brand into Malaysia. Because of her hard work, now we have another good place to shop for our little one :) 

My impression towards their products quite positive. I love their trendy style and the quality of their collection. The clothes are comfort to wear and I believe my girl love it too! 

Giselle only year 2 but she has her own preference when come into clothing and shoes. She love Gingersnaps tops very much and always will said" mei mei" when she want to wear it. 

Ready to go "Kai Kai"

I felt very happy for my trip. Even though I unable to get myself Zara Clothing as original plan but I'm so happy to spend only for my girl. I got her 2 Tops and 1 skirt from Gingersnap The Curve at the 1st day. 3 Tops and 1 skirt from Gingersnaps Mid Valley at the next day of the trip. You can imagine how much I spend for my little cutie and how attractive their collection are.
However, due to my separated billing, so sad that I unable to get their Canvas bag which only for customer who purchased above RM300 in 1 billing....I love the bag very much and I think the trip will be more perfect if I able to carry the bag for my shopping spree.

I wish they will open an outlet in Penang soon so that I no need to travel far away to KL to get clothes for my girl :) 

For those who never visit this shop, please don't wait! Give them a visit and I'm sure you will not be empty hand out from the shop! 

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