29 June, 2012

Bento Craft

Giselle is a very fussy little girl in eating. Her appetite not so good lately and I suspected she bored with my normal cooking because everyday I will slow cook some soup for her with plain rice plus some vegetables . Therefore, I'm trying to make things more interesting for her especially for her foods :) Partially also my new interest for collecting cute stuffs :) After a long search , finally I got some of my stuffs from online shop. I just placed the order yesterday and I got it today!

The prices for all items quite expensive. Therefore, I'm chosen some items as a beginner because I'm not sure how good and how far I will interested for this new hobby. 

 The 1st item I got was this 3D ice tray which I intend to use it for making jelly for my girl. Giselle love jelly and I believe she will like it more with this cute Hello Kitty mould on it. 

 This mould cost me RM32 but I felt the quality is quite good and I plan to invest more on this mould in future for some other pattern. At this moment, only this available.

Hello Kitty Rice mould. This is a must have item in my list because I wish to make the rice more interesting for Giselle to eat :) It has cost me RM22 and I truetly love it!

Hello Kitty Multipurpose Cutter. I felt this will be useful for me to cut the ham or bread for Giselle. Franckly I haven't figure out how to use it yet .However,  I wished it will be truetly useful for making nice bento. This item has cost me RM28.
Mickey Vegetable cutter. I love these 2 cutters.From now onwards, my Giselle carrot or potato will look more interesting and cute. This cutter cost me RM22 and I felt this is a must have item because my girl love vegetables a lots. Maybe I can get Winnie and Pooh for next purchase :) 

Cute pick cost RM7 only and haven't figure out how to use it. Maybe just a deco for the vegetables in the bento ...haha

I think I must be crazy at this moment because my mind keep asking me buying more eventhough I have no confidence in making this complecated bento for my girl. But, all stuffs so cute and I trutly unable to ask my heart to stop at this point. My next list will be .....kekeke
 My Melody Bento box
Elmo Bento Box

Hello Kitty Waffer Pan
Mickey silicon mould 
Mickey Egg Mould
 Winnie and Pooh Set

Maybe you will feel that all this is too over pamper my girl....^^ However, I'm just a normal mom who wished to give all the good stuffs for my little girl, the only one in my life :)
Besides, I'm just trying to made a "House wife" life more colourful and full of excitement :)  

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Daisy said...

pretty!! Hope it turned out great!!