11 July, 2012

New Things to Learn in Pg Property

Last 2 months I got my house key for my new apartment at Farlim. It is a nice place with nice Condo facilities provided by a well known developer. However, something happen during the renovation process and I think it was a good lesson to share with you.  

Actually after taken the key, 1st thing to do is the house grill. 1st supprise was....all units MUST give to a contractor who stationed in the apartment to do only. No outside contractor can do the grill...Franckly, I never came across this situation when I purchased my 1st Condo in KL. Therefore, to ensure this request is proper, I read thru all the rules and regulations which was given by the developer including all clause in our S & P. I found that no such clause mentioned about it. I went to the developer office and asked. One of the staff told me that this is a pretty standard issue will facing by buyer if you are purchase an apartment or condo in Penang due  to "Gangster " issue which unable to escape.  He was even told me that better just follow because the gangster  will do "somethings" if we are not obey...emm....I was so  supprised on this because I was not expecting this will happen to a well known developer project  especially the apartment not a low cost type of  apartment. 

However, for not delaying my renovation, I gave the "Inner" contractor to do the grill for my house. 2nd issues came in and this was even worst! My own appointed contractor must buy the renovation material from that "Inner" contractor and I must pay RM800-RM500 " Rubbish Fund" to another " Tai Lou" to get the work start. I must highlighted here that this "Rubbish Fund" is another different payment besides  renovation deposit to developer. By now I hope you understand what I mean. Some house owner mentioned that if we want to escape all this hassel, just let the unit empty for 1 1/2 years ...they will gone by then. However, the renovation unable to delay because I am planning to rent my house out asap to get the return. After bargaining with small arguiment, they allowed me just pay RM500 for my house. I trutly feel so sad beacuse this wasn't a small amount for a house wife without any income :( 

Thank God that now my house renovation already half way done and wishing no more hiding issue will come out when moving in. 

Hoping that this new post will not bringing me a problem...^^


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