21 April, 2013

Giselle 1st medal

21 April was Giselle school sport day. My husband and I woke up very early just to support our little girl.  
Giselle was in Red Team and they won a 2nd place for this year sport day. Overall it was a great event and we did enjoyed it! 

So serious lie ...^^
 1st time angkat sumpah! 
 Opening dance presented by the students

Do you think daddy enjoy more then Giselle?
 1st games represented by Giselle
 Group photo with daddy & mummy
 Last games for Red and Blue Team parents and we won! Bravo!Red Team!
Cheers! Giselle was queuing for prize presentation

Thanks all the teachers for their hard work and we did looking forward for more events in future. ....thanks Giselles' daddy for his 100% supportive spirit!

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