11 April, 2013

3 Years Old Birthday : School

11 April ...a special day my baby Giselle said "hello" to this beautiful world. It was a memorable day for our family. Even though daddy wasn't around due to your grand father 1st day of funeral, mummy was accompany by your two unties, uncle Daniel, popo LimLong and Joey cheche at Adventis Hospital to witness your birth.
Thank you my dear Giselle for choosing me as your mummy and papa as your daddy. We were so lucky to have you as a family, please always remember that you are the precious one!

Today is your 3 years old birthday and mummy wishing you a Happy Birthday !In this special day, mummy woke up early to prepared some foods for your school mates and wishing you will have a great celebration with your friends.  
My little baby now turning to be a Little Princess
 Making a wish and may your wish come true...

With your school mates 
 With your Teacher Margaret
Love your sweet smile , my sweetie
Distributing the goody bags for your friends 

This was a 1st celebration at school and mummy wishing you will have more to come in future. 

Oh yes, a night before your birthday, you were doing all these nice dishes for daddy, mummy and for yourself.Thanks my sweetie, we love it very much!

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