01 January, 2013

2013 Resolution

1. Gallbladder Retreat : 6 days duration
* Go on vegetarian diet, avoid alcohol,oily and cool food. 
* No coffee ( this will kill me!!! )
* Drink lots of pure apple juice & plain water.
Starting the treatment today and wish me luck! Hope will get more healthy in year 2013.

2. Lost weight 10KG!!! Want to be slim and fit like my elder sister :) No more Tua Pui Poh!!!
( Long way to go and really tough tough challenge!!! )

3. Everything went smoothly for our new life direction.
( haha...only myself understand this wish)

All my resolution looks simple but really tough to implement.However, I will  try my best to do it! 
Jia Yu!Jia Yu!

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