09 January, 2013

2013 New Improvement

After the Legoland trip, my little girl has new improvements. 

1st Improvement :Go to toilet to pee whenever she want.She is just do it by herself. I'm not teaching her on that. 
I think she just learned that thru daily observation what's mummy and daddy did in the past.

2nd improvement : No diapers on the afternoon nap and also early in the morning after 3am....^^

Conversation between Giselle and mummy : middle of the night in aircond room on mummy bed....
1st day of Jan :
"Mummy , no pampers!No pampers!"
"No!Honey!Must wear pampers!If not you wee wee and wet wet mummy bed then how? Smell bad!"
"Mummy!New One! New One! "   ( She means changing for her new diapers )
After few hours I realised Giselle was sleeping without her diapers and pants on :(

2nd day of Jan : Mummy on gallbladder retreat and tired
" Mummy cool!Cool!" I was awake by Giselle and again realised she was sleeping without pants & diapers on her :(  

3rd day of Jan : Mummy felt sick and had a deep sleep til early in the morning around 5am.
3rd times Giselle was sleeping without pants and diapers on and this time she did pee on my bed!
Immediate after Giselle woke up ......
" Honey, Good morning, hug hug .Good sleep?" As usual I asked
" Giselle good sleep ." 
" Then good!"
" Honey, why you wet wet mummy bed ?" I pointed at the spot she pee...
" You see ,all wet wet lio."
Giselle gave me a very sweet smile....I think she understand what I'm trying to say.
" Honey, if you don't want pampers then Giselle sleep on the Giselle bed.If not mummy bed smell bad.Ok?"
Again, she gave me another sweet smile....
" Honey, ok bor?"
She knock her head with a smile....

After this conversation, she is sleeping on her on bed which I put on the floor without diapers on in the afternoon nap. At night also will practice the same but she agreed to wear diapers at the beginning and then I will open it whenever she request in the middle of the night.

All these days, she really didn't pee on the bed and only pee after she wake up. 

3rd Improvement : Giselle sleeping alone and no more with mummy .
*Sad thing is she doesn't allow me on her bed as well. I tried to hug her and wish to sleep with her in the morning but end up she was asking me to go back to my bed :(  

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