31 March, 2010

Poor Customer Service!!

Today not a good day for me, so mad about the service from developer and also their lawyer firm.

As you know that Pg Island new property sell like a hot cake even without the showroom. Thinking of our baby girl future, SB & myself got our landed property under Sunway project. I can said is crazy to buy a house without seeing the showroom but both of us did that and yet we need to pay 10% as a booking fees. The sales person said the 10% only will bank in to their account after signing the S&P.

What I'm very angry about is that sales person just informed us that they will bank in the money this week although we haven't sign the S & P. He said this is their normal practice. What the F#@% he talking about??? Anyway, seem we are keen to buy that property so we are agreed with him. In another hand, we asked him to arrange the S&P for us to sign on this coming weekend since it has been delayed for 2 weeks. Today is the 3rd day since we spoke to him and he haven't return call!!! What the hack he is doing???

I will delivery my baby anytime now and wish to settle all this ASAP and I make 2 calls to their appointed lawyer but unfortunately unable to get her. I asked her to return my call but still she didn't . The reason given by her assistance was that lawyer very busy.
Can anyone tell me whether I should cool down and just keep waiting ?

I felt mad, very mad now because I never facing this kind of service. My past experience always a good one which the lawyer will automatically call us to arrange for the appointment instead of we are keep chasing after them. Hopefully I can cool down tonight and not cancelling my purchase with them which I'm thinking to do now !!!


Gaik Ling said...

cool down, cool down, not good for u and ur baby if u angry...anyway, sorry to say that their sevice is lousy, my lawyer firm also like that one, need to always chasing after them, just know when to collect the money from us niah, but service fucks :)

不一样的天空 said...

Haha..u r right!But I think only Penang nia like that...today another lawyer for our apartment lagi teruk, late for an hour.