24 March, 2010

Happy Birthday & Happy 2nd Anniversary !

I still remember SB proposed to me on my birthday, midnight at 12...and we got registered on the next day :)
For those who know us well, you will know our story...

It has been 2 years, we wanted to celebrate this year with a little travel, but with my big tummy, we decided for something more practical and simple. I easily get tired and need an early sleep. We had Japanese food for lunch and dinner these 2 days.

But, I'm really happy with his simple arrangement even though he was busy with his work lately. Thanks , my dear!!!

Red rose isn't my favorite but it seem so nice when he gave it to me with the vibrant greeting card. Thanks again!

What else I got??? Haha...a brand new apartment in Island with my birthday house number 22-03... Thanks thanks thanks & muak muak!!!

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