09 July, 2009

Yellowstone National Park

1st- 6th July 2009
Summer is the time to have holiday. SB took a week off just to bring me to Yellowstone National Park. Eventhought it's a long drive of 10-12 hours to reach the park, we enjoyed the whole journey, there are beautiful sceneries along the way.
Yellowstone is popular for the right reasons. It's the world's 1st national park and largest in US. It's so big it's physically divided into 5 countries. Roosevelt country, Canyon country, Mammoth country, Lake country and Geyser country. Each country has their own unique attractions.

West Thumb Geyser Basin

Morning Glory pool in the Upper Geyser Basin

Emerald Pool

Old Faithful Eruption

Lower Falls at Canyon Country

Mud Volcano Area

Mammoth Hot Springs at Mammoth Country

Mammoth Hot Springs at Mammoth Country

Yellowstone Lake
Lake Village

Lake Village
One can also see many wild animals in the park. We were lucky we saw a few different wild animals. We saw coyote, fox, bison, elk, pronghorn, marmot, squirrel and snake. The most exciting is the bison, they are huge! We got near a few. 
Looks like it's sleeping but it opened it's eyes wide when I tried to get near. It scared the hell out of me when trying to get closer to this Bison!

I love this Pronghorn. She is a beautiful animal.

Mule deer at Mammoth County

I was so closed to this Fox until this guy came over and scared him away!
This squirrel is very cute. It seems to be purposely posing for me to take a good shot of her.
I hate snake! I think I was damn lucky that day to have a very close encounter with it
Luckily snakes do not fly &jump :)

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