31 July, 2009

Kaya Recipe

Kaya, also called srikaya (from the word meaning "rich" in Malay based on its golden color) or coconut egg jam, is a coconut jam made from coconut milk, duck or chicken eggs which are flavored by pandan leaf and sweetened with sugar. Kaya is sweet and creamy, available as a golden brown or green colored spread depending on the amount of pandan and extent of caramelization of the sugar. As with other jams, kaya is typically spread on toast to make kaya toast and eaten in the morning but is enjoyed throughout the day.

  • 10 eggs
  • 420ml thick coconut milk, extracted from 2 grated coconuts
  • 550g sugar
  • 6 - 8 pandan leaves, knotted


Beat eggs and sugar well with a hand whisk.
Put beaten eggs and Pandan leaves in a saucepan over a very gentle heat to
dissolve the sugar.

When sugar has dissolved, removed the pan away from the heat and stir in thick coconut milk, mix well, then strain the micture into a double boiler pot.

Cook over rapidly boiling water.Keep stirring the mixture with a long wooden spoon until it thickens. Top up the boilling water in the lower pot whenever necessary.
After it thicken, cover the pot with big towel to prevent water dripping into the custard.
Steam for 1 to 3 hours until cooked. Do not stir the custard during this time.

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