25 March, 2012

Swiss Graden Gof Resort & Spa ,Damai Laut

Date: 22nd March - 24th March 2012
It has been so long I didn't write about my life in Malaysia...a year? Don't know why I just feel like to do it and here I am :)

A return holiday in Swiss Garden in Damai Laut always in my mind after my 1st trip in year 2011. The best of this place is an almost every angle of the resort is adorned with a lovely scenery's of nature.Therefore, I decided to give my husband a short vacation as a gift for our 4th years wedding anniversary. Thanks him for his hard work taking good care of me and Giselle. For this round, I am also invited my good friend, Gaik Ling and her family to join me for the trip. I am wishing with her family around , the trip will be more exciting and fun :)

We had our Tim Sum at FoShan Restaurant for breakfast. The two girls were playing happily besides the fish pond.

On our way to beach
So fun playing sand castle without too many strangers around. 
Love this picture very much. Both of them so happy playing water at the pool side. 

I must thanks KS for her big sister character.Because of her, Giselle at least willy to play water at the pool side. KS only 3 years old but she able to swim with the float without fear in the adult pool. We are really impressed of her. I think this is from her daddy & mummy gen :) 

1st night dinner at Thai & Oriental Restaurant because we just realised that the International Restaurant didn't serve Buffet during the weekday :(  So , we decided to go for Thai foods. Oh yes!Happy Birthday to me!

Actually there are few restaurants in this hotel you can choose for your lunch or dinner. The charges are quite high but I will strongly recommend you not to travel out from this hotel during night time just want to find something cheaper. The main reason is to get into this hotel, we need to pass through the palm oil plantation which is quite dangerous to drive at night. Not worth the money.
Photo session with my buddy , Gaik Ling after dinner
I love to hang around this foyer near to the reception because of the strong wind from the sea direction and also the romantic song playback was great!

We went to Lumut town after our 2nd day breakfast. The weather was hot and we found some place to had our drink and bought some "Ikan Bilis" and dry prawn bf back to hotel. 
Daddy and his lovely girl :)
Hooray!So enjoy eating the ais kacang ! The adults non stop chit chatting and didn't pay attention to me :)
Most happy moment playing with her daddy. She actually insist her daddy to play with her and not me :( Maybe she knew mummy is too fat for the slide
Finally dinner at Gayam which I failed to book the place for my 1st  trip. 
Happy Anniversary!
Great to have my good buddy to witness my 4th Year Wedding Anniversary celebration. 
Giselle &KS both enjoyed watching the performance. They even tried follow the dancer to dance....^^ We truly had a great time but the charges a bit high for the seafood they served :(

I believed all of us had a great time and bf heading back home, we let the kids playing again at the beach side restaurant after breakfast.

I must post this pic coz I love it very much! 
KS trying to blow the bubble and created a romantic atmosphere for her daddy & mummy photo session :) Haha!KS!You did it! You made your parent so happy!

Bye!Bye! Damai Laut! 

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