29 May, 2012

Funny Behaviour Of Giselle

Giselle likes ball very much from small size to big one since age 1 year plus.  I think is a quite common behaviour for small children. However, she has her own style when playing the ball. 

She will asked us to take out few cap/ hat and wear it before start playing the ball. If we rejected to wear it, she will feel mad or she will please us to wear. She will not start the game even though she is really want to play. 

Therefore, SB & I will always surrender because even though this is funny but it's really bring us happiness. I believed this will be a great memory for us and also by herself when look back this picture and movie clip that I took :) 

For my baby girl, you are really a daddy & mummy cute little angel! We love you!But, we hope you will not request the same in the public ya :)

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