14 June, 2013

My Murad Skin Care

最近感觉到自己脸上的皮肤严重却少水分, 也开始出现雀斑,整体上也开始下垂。心理有些伤心。当上家庭主妇后,就很少爱护自己的脸,平常在家或载送女儿上下课都没为自己涂上护肤品和防晒膏,人也开始懒惰了。但,我想是时候不做懒女人了!我可要好好的爱护我的脸 !!!开始努力的同时,自己的口袋可破产了。最近上美容院洗脸,第一次感觉到西方美容产品也不错。以下是一些我本身用了认为不错的产品可以介绍给大家。

1. Age-Diffusing Firming Mask
This rich cream mask is to help restores a firm, resilient tone and relieves dehydrated skin.
RM320  ( If buy in US, just USD68 )

This mask is really expensive if you purchased in Malaysia but due to its name "firming" which i am really in need at this moment,  I decided gave it a try.  I love the texture of this mask, it is totally different then some other mask I used. The texture not creamy at all.Once you apply it on your face, it will penetrate into your skin and have a dry surface. According to the beautician, the specialty of this cream is it can be use on our eye and lips area.

2. White Brilliance Illumination Day Moisture SPF30/PA+++
RM298 ( USD65)

I love this step 3 moisturiser very much! It is specially for dull and lacklustre skin type and this is also my main concern in skin care. This brightening lotion enriched with pearl powder and botanical extracts which helps to fight the production of melanin and reduce the appearance of dark spots and hyper pigmentation. After using it, I really can see the improvement of my skin tone became brighter. I love the texture as well because it leave my skin with a smooth and comfortable feel. Not oily and sticky :)
3.Age Reform Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture Cream: RM298 ( USD65 )

This is a very rich moisturizer which is good for night use especially you sleep in the aircond room. It can instantly relief from dryness.Avocado, Sunflower and Olive fruit oils are the secret ingredients to leave out skin soft,smooth and polished. After using it over night, I realised that my skin still well moisture compare to some other cream i used. 

Besides, I did try their step 2 items such as Age-Diffusing Serum for day use and Essential -C Daily Renewal Complex but sadly that these two items not really suitable for my sensitive combination skin. I had some break out and I just stop using it again.

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