16 June, 2013

Great Gift From South Korea:Sulwhasoo & The History Of Woo

My husband got me a really great gift in this Father's Day far away from South Korea !
 " Sulwhasoo" and "The History Of Woo" both are famous skin care brands in South Korea.

I really wished my dehydrated,dull skin tone will have a great improvement after using it.Hahaha....^^

If you want to know more details of the products, there are some blogger really wrote a details review of  these 2 brands.Here are the link :-
1. http://beautyknot.wordpress.com/2011/11/13/the-history-of-whoo-gongjinhyang-seol-whitening-line/
2 .http://www.joseibi.com/best-brand-sulwhasoo/

"The History Of Woo" Gongjinhyang:Seol Whitening Range
My husband got me 3 main items and the rest of the items were the gift he requested for me :) 
1.Whitening Skin Balancer: 130ml
Price: W55,000 ( Around USD55)
2. Whitening Essence: 45ml 
Price:W140,000 (Around USD140)
3. Whitening &Moisture Cream: 60ml
Price: W150,000 (Around USD150)

Gifts : I truly love their gift especially the classy packaging.  
1. 3 pcs of the Whitening Range travelling kits
2. 3 items Anti Aging travelling kits 
( Hwa Hyun Essence, Eye Cream and cream )
3. 2 pcs In Yang Lifting Mask
4. O Hui tender Cleansing Foam 
5. 3 pcs sets miniature lips items 
( Lip Balm, Lip Gloss and Lipstick )

I must thanks the beauty consultant for giving my husband so many gift and trial sets. I'm a 1st time user and really looking forward for their other items especially the anti aging range as well the cosmetics. Frankly the products from this brand are quite expensive but if the trial items gave me a good result, why not to invest, right? They are really do a good job in recruiting new customers. Well done to Woo Team!However, if you can improve your website and counter brochure to English version, it will be better for a foreign customer. Really looking forward for that.

Sulwhasoo : Essential Range

I have a seriously dehydrated skin. Before i start with Whitening products, I prefer to have some treatment on my skin. After reading all the blogger review on this brand, I think this range able to balance and deliver deep hydration for my skin.
Essential Duo Set cost my husband W120,000 
(USD 120). 
It come with 5 pcs travelling kits and 1 actual size Balancing Water and  1 actual size Balancing Emulsion . These are the two items initially I would like to try but after using it this few days, I realised that their First Activating Serum quite good and I should had asked my husband get 1 actual size for me as well :(
I love this Herbal Soap, i am using it for clean up my face every morning and night. 
It cost W42,000 ( USD42). 

For Sulwhasoo, I am  a bit disappointed because the beauty consultant didn't intend to give any of the whitening or anti aging sample to my husband. My husband told me maybe he wasn't spend a lots of money in that counter. I'm not greedy for the free items but just that I am really seriously intend to change my skincare to Korean Brand instead of Japanese Brand. It is so hard for me to buy Sulwhasoo or Woo in Malaysia and we only will buy it when visiting HK or Korea. Therefore, we need to know the other products range very well for next purchase in big quantity.

I nearly forget about Laneign was origin from Korea.It must be super cheap to buy in Korea compare to Malaysia. Therefore, I text my husband to get me some of the items as well :) 

1. New Firming Sleeping Mask ! I got myself 2 bottle :) Never try but I trusted it will be another star products after their Water Sleeping Mask . Most importantly it only cost me around RM60.
2. Perfect Renewer Night Cream : Around RM150
3. Water Bank eye gel cream:Less then RM100 ( I forgot the price, around RM60-70 )

Another important information if you plan to visit South Korea and yet intend to buy some skincare, airport duty free retail price will be 10% cheaper then the normal department store. However, good news is even thought you buy in their department store, you can have 10% tax refund. It means no different in terms of pricing. For "The History Of Woo", the beauty consultant automatically helping my husband to get the receipt stamped at another tax refund counter in the store. However, Sulwhasoo beauty consultant didn't do that and this cause my husband need to go back to the department store just to get the Sulwhasoo receipt stamped. After both stamped and verify from the tax refund officer, you can just claim your refund at the airport directly without showing them the products bought and passport.


Ninie Marlyne Mat Din said...

Oh woww.. Im really in love with the history of whoo products but too bad i cant find them anywhere here. Sobs sobs.. U r soooo lucky!! Have u started using them? What do u think of them? Anywayyy, Did u say your hubby got them at the airport? On top of that an additional 10% discount? Sorry if i asked too many questions.. Hehe. Im so into whoo rather than sulwhasoo as i've been reading many +ve reviews on them

不一样的天空 said...

Hi Ninie, my husband got it from one of the department store in seoul and the beauty consultant assist him to prepare the duty refund 10% of the total purchased and he got back the rebate. He told me The history of Woo couldnt find in the airport.
I started using Sulwhasoo and Laneign firming sleeping mask and I did like it.
I'm not trying my Woo yet coz I would like to see the effect of each other before I start my next purchase :)

Anonymous said...

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