15 April, 2012

Penang Butterfly Farm

Do you ever be to Penang Butterfly Farm? Sorry to say that I'm never think of paying a visit even thought myself staying at Penang. The main reason I said so because I had lack confident on our local Malaysia tourism place in term of cleanness and environment. I still believed that not much they can offer to tourist. 

Things really changed when I decided to join my friends for a short visit. I must thanks to Cheah , who proposed to us this wonderful place for kids to get together. As a mother of a little girl, I always want her to grow up happily and realise the joy by being with the nature. The Butterfly farm vision " Seeing Harmony between Human & Environment through the Wisdom of Mother Nature " has touch my heart :)
Group photo at the entrance

I was so surprised when i stepped into the garden, we were surrounded by a myriad of fluttering butterflies in the enormous enclosure.  
A very knowledgeable staff with fluent English accompanied us for a short tour. He was so generous and passion in sharing his knowledge about this beautiful creature with us. 

Life cycle of the butterflies
1st time so close to butterfly, I think the parents more excited then the kids :)

Besides butterfly, you can find some selected insects and reptiles in the farm too. The tour guide let us touched some of the harmless one.

Before the tour ended, tour guide gave us a container containing "Virgin Butterfly" that has not fly before. They just came out from cocoon. Releasing them from the container was a great pleasure because we able to witness their 1st fly. 

After a short tour, we walk around the farm and took some pictures.  There are 2 beautiful ponds inside the farm with really big fishes and turtle inside the pond. 

Rested at 1 of the pond

Whats make this daddy look so happy?

There is a small indoor mini theater with air conditional inside the farm. We went into the cinema and watch a short cartoon clip ( forget the name) just to cool ourselves up after a hot walk in the farm :) Giselle was so funny, she kept laughing while watching to the clip....I wonder can she understand?

Exhibition area
We did had a great time and this farm is strongly recommended if you have kids :) Penang BOLEH!
Not forgetting to mentioned here is the fees for Mycard Penang Resident : Adult  is RM18 and kids is RM10.

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