20 February, 2010

Bad News During 30 Weeks of Pregnancy

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7 February 2010

It has been a while I stop writing my blog. After pregnant, I easily get lazy...I have no mood in cooking, shopping, online...what I really enjoying is just relaxing in the aircond room doing nothing and feel my baby gal kicking inside me :)

Today, we went for normal check up and the bad news was doctor told me that my urine was high in sugar but luckily my blood test result was normal. However, I know the cause of it :(
I skipped my lunch and just ate lots of "Kuih kapek" and " Kuih Kacang" as my normal meals for the passed few weeks due to my laziness of going out. I totally regret with what I did but now is too late!!! Before it impact myself and my baby, I didn't touch any sweet stuffs from this weeks onwards especially all my favorite Chinese New Year cookies. I wished baby will not increased weight because of my mistake...sorry baby girl.

This is my baby girl 4D ultrasound in her 30 weeks. She look just like me when I'm born ...chubby baby girl :)

Here is a different shot of her.

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