08 February, 2009

My 1st Skiing

7 February 2009
SB, Wai Seong, and I went to Ski Cooper for skiing. It was a great experinced for 1st timer like me and Wai Seong.

With my gear

Waiting for our beginner class.

SB with our instructor.He is teaching us the basics like how to walk side ways, how to get up when we fall, how to turn around and how to stop.

Woo Hoo! We graduated! And ready to go for an adventure of our lives!

SB taking the pull on ski lift for beginners.

Up the mountain before skiing down. I fell many times as I had difficulty to control the speed, but it was fun. I enjoy the new experience. Towards the end I improved and had better control.

While we were falling dozens of times trying to ski, there were many kids around that were skiing like experts. The control and style these kids have amaze me, even on the snowboard.

Cute dog on duty.
After half day of skiing, I decided to stop as the sun was very intense, the intensity is doubled as the sun reflects on the snow from the ground as well. SB and Wai Seong continued to have fun on the slope.

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