13 June, 2008

A Special Gift

This is my 1st present from Malaysia.Thanks Janice,my eldest sister for this special gift from Santorini,Greece. This gift really brighten up my day in US.

She always said she will not buy present for us when she travel but she did this time. I love you!

When I received the gift from my friend,MJ who went back Malaysia for his business trip, I'm so excited to open and try it on my neck.Thanks MJ for your help and I know that u got it before boarding at PG Airport. Ha!Another person I wish to thanks is my brother in law , Daniel.He drove back from Butterworth to PG airport just on time to pass this necklace to MJ. Without him, I'm unable to enjoy my favaroute Teh Tarik 3 in 1 from Malaysia.MyEm0.Com

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