02 May, 2008

New Journey In Life

24th April 2008 ... a new journey of my life in United State.Many friends still surprised with my impromptu decision. SORRY to all my beloved friends who are concerned and always care about me. Frankly, this was never planned and things just happened. I found my Mr Right.MyEm0.Com

But why US? Aiya, old people said " Married Chicken, follow chicken" ma.( What is the correct words in Mandarin ha?)
I moved to new place, new apartment, new car and most important thing was my job function also CHANGED! Still remember teacher asked about our ambitious during primary school? To be a housewife was never in my list!But, now I realised when you able to cook for your love one and prepare a comfortable place for him to rest, that is the most wonderful thing in life.


Maybe you will say that the world changed lio, CB changed lio!You are right!I changed because I found someone who is always loving, caring and so supportive. He loves me as what I am,he never comment about how I carry myself, how I dress up,how poor is my English(He is English edu) and he never complaint about my weight!MyEm0.Com
Thanks to the angel above, who is always watching over me. My new journey begins.MyEm0.Com

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